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Our Services

"Real Estate Photography Elevated"

Aerial Photos & Videos

Showcase your property and its surroundings from breathtaking angles. We use the latest technologies to amaze potential buyers and ensure that you seal the ultimate deal. Get ready to impress with our Aerial Photos & Videos.

Premium Real Estate Photography

At Shoot2list we create inviting images and products that are irrefutably striking. Our professional team will work closely with you to make certain that all your expectations are met. The end results are always remarkably sleek and delivered on time.

Image by Francesca Tosolini

Virtual Staging & Item/Clutter Removal

Beautiful images of your home are the best way to attract buyers. At Shoot2list we provide our clients with stunning photographs, staging and floor plans for properties of all kinds. Book your Virtual Staging & Floor Plans today!

608 Markerville Road NE (8).jpg
608 Markerville Road NE (8)a.jpg

Before and After Contractor/Decorator Shoots

 We strive to capture every detail, allowing potential buyers to experience the property as if they were there themselves.  A new popular service is to provide before and after images for contractors and decorators.  We will come out before your project starts and after completion to highlite your hard work.  With our expertise, you can showcase the incredible transformation of a property and the quality of your work. 

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